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The mission of the Vineland Police Department is to protect and serve the citizens of the community. Our mission statement defines our purpose and our commitment to all people in the community.

It is the vision of the Vineland Police Department to create an environment which minimizes the fear of crime, fosters positive change, enhances growth and development, and increases the viability of the City's many varied neighborhoods and persons. We will strive to enhance the quality of life, safeguard the Constitutional Rights of individuals and foster a sense of security to enable citizens to live, work, be educated, and prosper in the City of Vineland.

We pledge to be open and communicative, seeking partnerships throughout the city. We will manage our resources prudently and effectively so the community will be served in the best possible manner. We commit ourselves to this high standard of performance. It is further understood that we hold a position that demands an unparalleled degree of trust, which must never be compromised.

We hold ourselves accountable for these tenants and take pride in a professional level of service to all our citizens as well as those who visit or travel through our City.

Rudy Beu

Rudy Beu // Chief Of Police

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