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Computer Operations

The Vineland Police Department is an extremely technologically progressive department and has benefitted from the use of Mobile Data Computers (MDT's) in their patrol vehicles for over ten years.

All of the department's patrol units are now equipped with a mobile data computers. The computers provide officers in the field with vital and often lifesaving information. Officers have the capability to determine if a vehicle and/or persons may be wanted for various crimes throughout the nation. Officers are "better armed" to handle situations having this vital information before becoming involved with potentially dangerous subjects. Additionally, officers can link to the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission computers and determine the status of driver's licenses and registrations. All of these requests are returned to the patrol car in seconds.

With the computers installed in patrol cars, officers are also no longer required to report to headquarters for patrol information. They can communicate directly to headquarters and talk "real time" to any units already in the field, thereby providing the highest level of service to the community. Officers can also complete reports through their mobile computers and electronically transmit them to headquarters.

In addition to the MDT's, the department operates and maintains several secure law enforcement networks. Technology is a part of every aspect of law enforcement today and the Computer Operations unit works to ensure the integrity, security, and maintenance of all of these systems. For more information, please contact unit supervisor Sgt. Christopher Fulcher at 856-691-4111 x4106 or Email

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