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K-9 Unit

The department's K-9 Unit now includes six handler teams:

  • Sgt. W. Bontcue with his partners "Yoshi" and "Lido"
  • Off. A. Shaw and his partner "Pikke"
  • Off. D. Adams and his partner "Carlo"
  • Off. R. Magee and his partner "Dirk"
  • Off. L. Platania and his partner "Agir"
  • Off. J. Ramos and his partner "Marc"

The canine teams have been used successfully in numerous situations and have been a tremendous asset to Vineland and neighboring communities. For more information or to request demonstrations from the K-9 unit, contact Sgt. William Bontcue at 856-691-4111 x4190 or at Email

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